Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still Kickin'

It's been a while, I know... If it's possible, I'm nearly as busy this semester as I was last semester and that's been hindering my blogging time and my thinking time. I don't have anything earth-shattering to say today except that I will be one happy camper once this week is over! My mom and I are leaving on Saturday for a vacation in Sanibel, Florida - one of my very favorite places. I am so excited, but have a lot to accomplish between now and then, so I'm really trying to work hard to make that happen.
Specifically, I have a statistics test hanging over my head that MUST be taken before I leave town. I also have to prepare to write the first chapter of my thesis and prepare to do research for the second chapter so that I can get everything I need together to take on the trip. In case you're wondering ... yes, I will be doing some work on this trip. And here's why I'm happy (yes, happy) about that: I will have one full week to do what I need to do without being interrupted or distracted with things like meetings and people needing this or that. THEN, the following week will be my spring break, which means ANOTHER week free of interruptions! Ahhhhhhhhhh... That thought almost makes me as happy as the thought of laying on the beach, eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and shopping at the awesome outlet malls -- ALMOST.

Hopefully this next week will be a relaxing and mind-clearing opportunity. I am someone that loves to travel and see new places, but once in a while, I think that a vacation should be pure, unadulterated R&R - which should DEFINITELY involve a beach.

Have a great end to your week and I'll be back soon!


  1. Best wishes for your vacation, Katie! You deserve it. Cherish those "spring breaks"...they are needed and precious. And you've made me crave blueberry pancakes.

  2. WOW!I think vacation is the thing I need now as well. School burden is still hard but I enjoy my leisure time to learn new instument - flute.

    Have a nice vacation!

    by alexandra yang