Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey there. I just wrote this incredibly long, dull, melancholy post about how I'm feeling sad that the arrival and passing of race day means that I'm going to have to face the fact that I'll be moving away from Lincoln, things are changing, blah, blah, blah. Then I decided to erase and start over. This is no time for negativity, people, SUNDAY IS RACE DAY!!!!!!

This Sunday, May 2nd, I'll be running the Lincoln Half Marathon (as most of you already know). I'm excited, nervous, ready, not ready, and so on. Last year, I was nervous because I really had no idea what to expect. But really, I just wanted to finish the race in a respectable time (respectable in my mind, anyway). THIS YEAR, on the other hand, I have set a goal for myself. I have TOLD people about my goal, and I have spent the last few weeks going back and forth in my mind, wondering if it's possible to reach this goal.

Let me tell you something that I believe: I believe that we have to set goals. Then we have to tell people about them (because they will hold you accountable). Then we have to tell EVERYONE about them. Then we have to believe within ourselves that the goal is possible. And then we have to not look back. We have to not even let the possibility of not reaching the goal enter our minds. That is the hard part.

I have set goals in my time (as I already talked about a few posts back) and I have achieved the really big ones. I got cut from the volleyball teams in 8th, 9th and 10th grades. But I worked my ass off (pardon the cuss word, but trust me, I worked really hard) and made the team in 11th and 12th grades. Then I played volleyball for a junior college, then for a Division II Top 10 team. I believed every step of the way that I could do it. There was no doubt in my mind that I was good enough and strong enough to do it. And I did it.

I have yet to feel that way about running. I'm not all that fast (yet). It's not something that comes very naturally to me (unlike my boyfriend who can train relatively little and go out and just run 13 miles!). But I suppose volleyball didn't come all that naturally, either. I just loved it so much that I MADE myself good at it. I worked on improving myself for years until I was finally good enough to stand on my own. And I loved it so much that I chose to believe in myself through all of the ups and downs.

So, here it is. I've set my goal and told some people about it (steps 1 & 2). Now, I'm telling EVERYONE: My goal is 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Now, I'm believing in myself. I believe in my abilities as a runner. I have worked hard week after week for the last four months. I am ready to run on Sunday. I am going to have a GREAT race. And I am going to reach this goal, come hell or high water. BECAUSE I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I am STRONG ENOUGH to do it - no matter what adversity I may face that morning.

And now... I'm not looking back.


And I will look like crap on the big screen of Memorial Stadium as I run across the finish at the 50 yard line. hahaha

To everyone running on Sunday, GOOD LUCK! To anyone out there attempting any sort of goal of their own - GO FOR IT!!!! To anyone who might like to come down and cheer on the Lincoln runners on Sunday - we'd love to have you. It's an awesome thing to watch 8,000 people try to achieve something like that... And it's equally as awesome to have people cheer for you as you attempt to do it.


  1. Good post! Speaking of goals, I'm trying my darnedest this year to break 2 hours. Don't know if I can do it, but I figure if I always make my toughest goals, maybe I'm not setting them tough enough. ;) Most of all, though, I just want to enjoy the race! :)

  2. Katie, a great goal to have. Sounds like you are set and ready to go. I have set the 3 tier goal. My first is of course to finish. My second is to finish in less that 2:45 and my ultimate goal is to finish in under 2:30. We can do it. Looking forward to the race. Buffy

  3. Buffy, YES! We CAN do it and it's going to be a great day! : )

    Aaron, I think you can do it, if you set your mind to it!

  4. Katie, you will not look like crap on the big will have a big huge smile on your face!!!! By the way, you were speaking my story above...having to work very hard to be good at volleyball, then running. And, now we are both going back for more school. I have decided that I just like to punish myself until I accomplish that new thing (I get a high out of it or something!). Then, I usually come up with something else!

    Good luck Sunday, and I'll hopefully see you there!

  5. You have a great goal and one that I believe is perfectly planned and trained for. Sweaty and smiling on the stadium screen is not crap--it is terrific!

  6. You will rock it Katie! Thank you for sharing your runner's heart with all of us not only in the blog-o-sphere, but also in the marathon class. I'm so glad I signed up.... I have never been a runner before, and having knocked out over 350 miles in preparation for this class has been great! I'm continually amazed at the improvements that have taken place since class started back in January (and I'm not just talking about the weather! ha!)

    Best wishes to you on Sunday.... see you there!

  7. Thanks, Khara! The class is awesome and it truly is amazing how much things can change in just four months! Good luck to you, too, on Sunday!

  8. so exciting! you'll do great -- and i'm sending positive thoughts :)


  9. also, i totally agree with your rationale around goals -- love you train of thought!