Friday, October 7, 2011

On The River

As most of you know, a significant portion of my time here in Matlab is spent on a boat, interviewing people who live on their boats.  While I originally thought the group should be called "Beday," I found out that Beday is a bit of a derrogatory term and the people prefer to be called Shodhagor, which means "merchant." 
As I am currently exhausted from spending almost 5 hours on said boat today, I thought I'd at least share a few more pictures with you.  It is so incredibly beautiful here and I have taken SO many pictures already that I had a really hard time finding pictures to share.  But, I figured pictures with people are usually best.  Enjoy!

Our boat man, who we call "cha cha" (meaning uncle).

This is the boat we ride in every day.  It is not super comfortable, but I love it all the same.

Me with a water lilly that our boat man picked for us on his way to pick us up that morning.

Holding an 8 month old Shodhagor baby.  He was as sweet as he was adorable.

That's all for tonight...  I really hope to be back soon with something more to say.

Until then, take care!  Goodnight from Matlab!


  1. What an adventure!! Have fun and stay safe!!
    Jean and Rick.

  2. You look radiant, Katie, like you are really doing something you love. SO happy for you!
    PS - Any chance that baby needs a mommy? :) He's so adorable!!!