Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrating Change

Yesterday, I was on my 7 mile run (which I was doing all by myself, due to scheduling issues over the weekend that kept me from running with my regular group, my "Peeps") when I realized that exactly one year ago I was on my way home to the US after a year spent in Taiwan (http://www.taiwankatie.blogspot.com/). This little nugget gave me plenty to think about for the remaining 5 miles...
First, it occurred to me that at this point last year, I had never run 7 miles before, a distance I have now surpassed many times. This was quite an accomplishment, which I reveled in for several minutes until the next thought came to mind: nearly everything about my life has changed since August 18th, 2008. I'm not always the biggest fan of change, so I thought this (the fact that I survived it all) was definitely cause for celebration. I ran the rest of my 4 and a half (or so) miles in celebration, and mentally went down the remainder of my list of accomplishments to add a little icing to the cake (oh, and I also celebrated with some cake...). Here's what I came up with:
  • I made it through my first year of graduate school...
  • ...with a 4.0! (it was touch and go for a while. phew.)
  • I ran my first half marathon (and have another planned for October 18th).
  • I opened myself up (which is NOT easy for me to do) and made some incredible, lifelong friends (running peeps, school peeps: I mean you!).
  • I took a trip to the Northwest Coast (a wish for the past several years).
  • I let go of something that needed letting go of.
  • I held onto the things that mattered the most (my family and close friends).
  • I found what I've always been looking for... ; )
Most of this last year certainly wasn't easy, but when is it ever? I have a sneaking suspicion that these coming 365 days have plenty up their sleeves... Probably lots of reading and school work, PhD applications, running, Aaron, celebratory cake (at least for the next few days...), and who knows what else??? Stick around to find out...

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  1. Hello my dear, sweet niece. As you well know, I've been a little focused on sleeping and resting and sleeping and resting for the last week (I can't believe it's only been a week!)and am just now starting to drag through all of the sludge in my email accounts, looking for golden nuggets! I'm so psyched that I found one! I think it's excellent that your writing a blog. I really enjoy reading other blogs (and writing in mine when I'm not recovering from a big three-day wedding event or trying to get my good shoes away from the dogs). I look forward to keeping up with your thoughts and happenings. I'm still a bit of a "Face Book Virgin" but, blogs, those I understand!!
    Excellent decision!