Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been mentioning the s-word a lot lately (STRESS), and figured that I should at least mention why I'm stressed... I have a lot going on with school this semester. Here's a list of everything that needs to be accomplished by December 18th:

(Regular class stuff -- reading, attending classes, papers, tests)
Weekly reaction papers due on SATURDAY MORNINGS (yes, that's right)
6 or so hours of Statistics homework per week (and that's JUST getting by -- 9 or 10 hours would be preferable)
AnthroGroup duties (I'm the co-president, so I help run meetings, set up speakers, etc.)
apply for 2 PhD programs (applications due the first day of finals week)
apply for 2 fellowships to help fund my PhD work (one is due October 5th, the other November 5th)
study for and retake the GRE
help high school vball team with practice once a week (and attend games when possible)
run a 1/2 marathon (October 18th)
travel to be in 2 weddings (which I'm VERY excited about, but the money and time are both hard to come up with)
travel to Philadelphia in December to attend a conference and mingle with important Anthro people (phew -- that one makes me nervous just thinking about it!)
make time for self, boyfriend, family, friends so I don't go crazy


Now, I'm NOT complaining!!!!! I am a VERY lucky person to be doing what I want! And I LOVE doing all of these things (except 6+ hours of Stats per week), which makes it much more manageable. I'm just feeling like I have SO much on my plate, looming over my head, and right now, I'm just struggling to make it from day to day! I'm not sure how I'm going to start fitting more in as the semester goes on without letting some other things go, and I'm not sure how to decide what needs to be let go.

For now, yoga and running with friends keep me sane, coffee keeps me awake, and dinner out with a nice glass of wine and some chocolate to finish, on a night when I just didn't know how I was going to hold it together helps me relax, makes me happy, and helps me remember just how lucky I am...

Question: I couldn't come up with the "perfect" intention in yoga class this morning -- you know, the word(s) that matched exactly what I needed today. So, I went with the instructor's word instead: Joy.
If you had to come up with an intention today, what would it be?


  1. that a good enough intention?? hehe, just kidding. i'm going with bliss, peace, or calm. do they have to be one worded?? and katie, if anyone can tackle that list of, (dare i call em' obligations), well then it's you lady!! you rock! can't wait for this weekend!! keep our chin up!

    oh, and p.s. your really freaking me out about stats. yipes!!

  2. No, it doesn't have to be only one word -- it's just more useful to ME that way! Thanks for the encouragement!!! : ) And I think either "beer" or "wine" or "fun" will be Saturday's intention...

  3. live ... as in "live in the moment" . Us AR-types tend to always plan the next thing :). A good friend once reminded to stop and smell the roses. Rather cliche, but she was right. I was missing the "moments." Soooooo ... beer, wine, fun ... they all work :) . Excited to celebrate your life with you Saturday!

  4. I think Iam gettting the idea of the daily "intentions". Monday: Nachos, Tuesday: Tacos, Wednesday: Wings, etc.

  5. Love your blog title...

    I don't know what an intention word is. Hm. Let me see, for today my inention would be JOB. LOL!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, Katie! I've enjoying looking through your posts and am excited to read more!

  7. B.o.B. - your title isn't bad, either! haha

    Kat - I put your blog in my RSS and I really enjoy reading it every day! : )

    Nico - Tonight's intention is "pizza." Think you can keep up???