Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Goodness

Good morning!

I've had another post in the works now for the last couple of weeks recapping my summer and looking ahead to what's coming up this semester, but haven't found the time to finish it. This morning, I feel inspired to write to all of you about something a little different...

I've been feeling REALLY stressed out lately. Aside from finals week or the occasional major life-changing event, that's pretty unlike me, and let me just say this: I don't like it! I don't feel like myself. I don't feel like I have much to give to others, and I certainly don't feel very happy. Now, I know there are several "recommendations" for relieving stress: exercise, healthy (I would add balanced) diet, sleep, etc., etc. So, what do you do when you're already doing all of those things?!?!?! YOGA. Well, at least that's what I decided to do this morning.

My alarm went off at 5:15, and although I didn't exactly jump out of bed, I made my way around the dark house and managed to scurry into the yoga studio (Yoga Body and Balance) by 5:45 for a HOT Vinyasa class with Thomas. At the beginning of each class (which, I should mention, I haven't been to in nearly 9 months!), we are asked to create an intention. This should be a word or short phrase that represents something you want to remember throughout class, something that will help you feel centered when you repeat it, something you feel you need in your life, or simply a word that is going to represent your practice for that particular hour. This morning, my intention was: CELEBRATE! It's something I desperately need to remember to do in my day to day life, and it made me smile every time I thought of it. And as I moved through the sweaty flow, I continued to remind myself to celebrate and enjoy what I was doing. I walked out of the classroom, shirt drenched, smiling and feeling a little bit more like myself - a really peaceful version of myself.

Yoga was EXACTLY what I needed in my life this morning. I felt so happy to be back in the studio, relieved to be doing something only for me, and thankful that I had made the decision to be there. I drove home in a blissful state, petted a few cats, made some hazelnut coffee (yum!) and some banana nut oatmeal (double yum!), and settled down in my chair to write to you all. I really can't think of a better or more perfect way to spend my morning...

What about you? If you want to, leave me a post and tell me what your perfect morning would be... I'd love to know!

Have a wonderful day!


p.s. If you're an oatmeal lover (like myself) or have to make yourself choke it down (you know who you are!), here's what my banana nut oatmeal entailed:
rolled oats
1/2 of a large banana (1/4 cooked in for about 3 minutes, the other 1/4 on top)
a splash of vanilla
a little brown sugar
Give it a shot! It tastes oh so good, a lot like banana nut bread, and it's totally healthy!


  1. Wowzers....Yoga, coffee, made from scratch oatmeal. Sounds like a peaceful morning. Glad to hear that you found something to bring you to the end of a dark tunnel of stress that will never seem to end this morning, Katie. It is very important in this crazy and fast paced world to find time to slow down and unwind a bit to take in all the beauty that God has given us to enjoy!

    Man a perfect morning. would need to have a black or herbal blend tea over ice involved. I would need a bible and an open heart to recieve (through prayer) the word that God was trying to send me that particular day. I have been at that point were life is so overwhelming I have felt like a lost little puppy dog in the middle of the wilderness not knowing which way is up and which way is down. Stress, anxiety, pressure...we have all been there at some point. Prayer and faith in Jesus are the only things that get me by all my days.

    So my perfect morning. I would be on a beach with the sea breaze in the mid 70s with a bit of an ocean mist on my face. Some tea and a very prayerful heart. Now lets come back to reality for a second. My perfect morning is when I wake up in my one bedroom apartment and tell God thank you for another day and sending his son to the cross to die so that I may have the freedom to live. Thank Him for all that he has given me and pray to Him that his will be done in my life and ask for his guidance, wisdome, and strength on whatever is going to come my way that day. Pray for my famlily and friends and to not take one thing he has given me for granted. Prayer is how we communicate with God and there is nothing I enjoy doing more than spending some time with God. Afterall, he loves me and I love him. He loves you too!! More than you or I could possibly know. Spend some time with God everday. Give your worries to Him, let Him take care of them while you enjoy the beautiful world around you. If you ask him, he will be there to protect you, guide you, and be a tower of refuge no matter how big or small the asking. Then I love to go drink some tea or diet pepsi and hang out with my puppy, Ida. She is a little 5 pound yorkie mix. She is dang cute and amazing. A blessing! Time with God and my dog with some good ole tea. I don't know if it could get any better. So when life gets you down and you feel like you have nothing good to give anyone remember that God made you just who you are. He loves you. Coem to Him and ask for that feeling to be gone and he will take it. He promises. Then you will be free to shine like a light for the world to see!! It will make a difference. Try it!

    BTW, this is the first thing I have wrote in a long time with out checking my spelling and I am in the top 5% of the worlds worst spellers so my apologies for all the mispellings =) Have a great day and God bless.
    Hope all is well!!

    In Him,

    p.s. Thaks for that amazing sounding reciepe for the oatmeal. I am one of the likers not choker downers and I cant wait to try your style. Does sound double yummy! Until next time take care.

  2. Oh Sweet Katie,

    I love seeing you evolve. :) The other day after your blog I continuously used the phrase "be present" throughout the day. Native Americans practice being present a lot, morning runs, touching the ground when you walk out the front door first thing in the morning, no tvs or radios on during meals, just family... there are many many things that we practice to be present. My mornings consist of coffee, for the aroma and taste, not as much the caffeine, generally a little snuggle snug with Scout and sitting out on the porch listening to the morning wake up. Usually, this turns into a flowing passion very early and sets me up for the day.
    Be present, Celebrate, and slow down...

  3. Katie,
    Just found your blog and I love your philosophy. You've just inspired me to get up early to do some yoga tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Kat! I'm hoping to inspire myself to get up for early yoga tomorrow, too! : )

  5. wow~ yoga is really cool and I always want to
    attend that course. I also feel tired because of the heavy school work. I hope I can adapt this school as soon as possible.

    p.s I'm alexandra from Taiwan.