Saturday, May 5, 2012

Positive Thinking

One thing that I really, really believe in is the power of positive thinking.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I was cut from more than one volleyball team in junior high and high school.  And it was positive thinking, positive self-talk, unconditional support from my wonderful mother, and unwavering belief in myself and my dream that kept me going and helped me become a collegiate volleyball player.

Today, I realized that, somewhere along the way, I stopped the positive self-talk and my belief wavered.  I have let self-doubt have way more power than ever would have been acceptable to my 15-23 year old self.

I'm not sure why I did that.  Maybe I let life get in the way a little?  Maybe once volleyball was over, I didn't have the same kinds of goals anymore and wasn't sure how to apply the same strategies to other goals that were less concrete (i.e. get a job as an Anthropology professor) and longer term (i.e. maintain a 4.0 in grad school).  I think a HUGE part of the reason that I decided to take up running was that I can set goals that I can physically work for and on race day, I know I'll be put to the test.

So, GUESS WHAT?!?!?  I'm bringing back the POSITIVE THINKING!  Tomorrow is the Lincoln Half Marathon.  It's RACE DAY!  It's the day that I get to go out and find out exactly what I'm made of.  I've been nervous about this race and have been letting self doubt steal away my positive thoughts.  Well, NO LONGER.

Today, I met Ben from Ben Does Life.  I watched Ben's video a few years ago and a few times since.  It makes me cry every time and I've always found his story inspirational, but, to be honest, I wasn't sure how it applied to me.   I wasn't running to lose weight (that wasn't/isn't my main goal, anyway) and I wasn't running to overcome some major life obstacle.  I was running to set goals and go after them and to overcome the little, daily obstacles.  Today, after meeting Ben and buying one of his t-shirts, I went home and watched the video again (and cried - again).

What I realized, though, is that tomorrow, I am running to overcome an obstacle.

I'm running to regain that unwavering BELIEF in myself that I used to have.

I'm going to leave you with Ben's video because everyone should see it.  To everyone running tomorrow, be it 5 minutes or 26.2 miles, have a great one.

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