Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Trip and My Summer Reading List

I'm going to tell you something you probably already know about me:  I love to travel.  (Duh.)  After FOUR(!!!) international trips last year to France, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Canada, I felt a little panicked for a while at the thought of getting on another airplane for any long amount of time.  In fact, I had applied for funding to attend language school in Bangladesh over the summer, and was slightly hesitant about making the trip.  As the semester was winding down, though, and it became apparent that I wouldn't be going to Bangladesh, I started feeling a little antsy and restless.  Soon, all I could think about was getting out of the country - even if only for a short time.

In a couple of days, I'll be on my way back to Taiwan and I'm psyched.  I've got some work to get done while I'm there, but mostly I plan to see friends, eat cheap Thai food and hot pot, and get some R&R.  I'll admit, it's really awesome to go somewhere new, but sometimes, especially when you want as little stress as possible, it's really nice to go somewhere you know.  That's how I feel now.

When I get back from Taiwan in a couple of weeks, I'll unpack then repack and head up to Madison, Wisconsin where I'll be in language school for the rest of the summer.  I found a place to stay via the internet and will be meeting my summer roommates on Skype sometime tomorrow.  I'm excited to live in a new town, meet some new people, and MOST excited that I'll be living only a couple of blocks from one of the lakes in town and a short bike ride from the Farmer's Market.  

I wasn't expecting a lot of adventure this summer, but it looks like I'm going to get it!  

With all of the travel, I plan to do some reading for fun.  In the past, some of you have seemed to enjoy hearing about what I'm reading, so here's what's on my list:

I'm currently finishing How to Love an American Man by Kristine Gasbarre.  I read it on my Kindle in the fall but enjoyed it more in paperback.

Next up is The Language of Flowers.  My mom read it first, then passed it along to me.  It was highly recommended by our lovely friends at the Sanibel Island Bookshop and my mom loved it.  I'm excited to start!

And if there's time, The School of Essential Ingredients.  Another Sanibel find.  The author, Erica Bauermeister, also wrote Joy for Beginners, which I read in the fall and really enjoyed.  As a lover of all things cooking and baking, I think The School of Essential Ingredients will be right up my alley.

That's all for now.  I hope you're all enjoying some mild, pre-summer weather.  I'll be back soon - talk to you from the other side of the world...


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Katie! I hope it gives you some much-needed rest and fresh perspective.

    1. Thanks, Jayme! I'm looking forward to seeing you when I get back! Have a great couple of weeks.